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  • Do You Have An Animal House?!
  • Austins WIldlife Removal Service - Raccoon Problems

    Raccoons have adapted to urban sprawl, from rural settings to the metropolitan landscape. The raccoon’s omnivorous and voracious appetite, relatively high reproduction rate, together with significant strength, results in this mammal becoming a common menace to homeowners.

  • Austins WIldlife Removal Service - Armadillo Problems

    The armadillo is considered a nuisance animal because of it’s characteristic burrowing and digging which is detrimental to many areas of your property.

Resolve the Conflict!

If you need assistance removing animals from your property, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 512-278-0278

We at Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services resolve the Human and Animal Conflict!

Don’t despair, Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services specializes in the removal and/or prevention of unwanted animals, in and around your home. We will be happy to resolve your animal conflict, efficiently and professionally. As the owner and operator, I can provide a customized service to resolve your specific problem.

We are licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board since 1991 and a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003.

This includes a poison-free rodent elimination program for your home, the removal of rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, armadillos, bats, ringtail cats, urban beaver, and birds and also exclusion from exhaust ducts. We not only can repair the damage caused by the animals, but Austin’s Wildlife Removal Services also provides “animal proofing” to prevent animals from re-entering your home after they been removed.

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